Britney Spears

As the famous pop singer Britney Spears is trying to find a new career, she created an AI that she named Britney.


Britney is a computer program and not a human intelligence. As such it does not have any of her favorite foods, movies, etc. Nonetheless, Britney assists with her career as a singer and performer.


A technician who was paid to work on Britney’s AI talked of how the team could not get over how lifelike the computer program was when they were testing it. They did not know that it was not real and were stunned when they were told that it was just software.


The technician went on to say how this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on an artificial intelligence was very hard for him to turn down, even though he had been fired soon after Britney sensed his betrayal of confidential company information.



Britney Spears is rumoured to have a psychic disorder that causes from stress, fatigue and improper sleeping conditions. It’s hard for her to control her psionic power which causes her to always be on guard and afraid of what she might do next.


She’s already been in the spotlight for being ‘crazy’ so she hates when people expect her to be eccentric. She lives in a very large mansion with security cameras all over the place, in addition to panic buttons and safety exit routes throughout the mansion.


In order to help relieve stress, she has a therapy dog named Larry who is always by her side. However, Larry disappears after she got into an argument with a co-worker and Britney feels uneasy without him around. With no one else around, Britney starts talking out loud to herself while walking through the house and begins seeing things like shadowy figures and hearing voices in the hallway.


Suddenly, Britney can feel eyes on her back followed by some sort



In the novel, Britney Spears had a hit song and made millions of dollars. She eventually became so consumed with her fame that her music became just a tiny portion of her life. As she grew older, she cut back on most of the dramatic performances and instead just sang on stage with a no frills stage presence. She still danced, but only for a few seconds after each song.


She was contemplating retiring from the music industry at the height of her career, when someone came up to her after one of her concerts and said that she had been their hero growing up. It made Britney realize how much joy she had brought people’s lives by doing something she loved. She spent less time in the studio recording and more time singing live on stage to make sure that people would never forget how good it felt to hear those notes come out of her mouth.


This is a book about identity, fame, and the pursuit of happiness

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