Snapchat trophies

What are Snapchat trophies?

Snapchat trophies are given when a Snapchat client procures unique accomplishments on the application, and they come as emoticons.

Snapchat trophies

This can be from achieving a particular score, using explicit channels, sending imaginative Snaps, or having your story posted on Live Story

Your ‘trophies’ will appear in your ‘trophy box’ as emoticons, which you can discover by tapping your profile symbol in the upper left of your screen.

You at that point select trophies and you ought to have the option to see the ones you have opened.

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For instance, you can get the Ghost emoticon trophy if your Snapchat score hits 500,000; you are granted the Sun Face emoticon in the event that you send a snap with the temperature over 100° F; and you will discover the Ogre emoticon in your trophy box in the event that you send 1,000 Snaps utilizing the forward looking camera (selfies).

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What trophies would you be able to jump on Snapchat?

The official rundown of Snapchat trophies isn’t discharged by the organization and should be a mystery.

Trophies are added to the blend occasionally, however here is a rundown of the total 2020 rundown:

Snapchat trophies
  • One blame dispensing up: Snap sent with one channel
  • Two fingers doing the gesture of goodwill: Snap sent utilizing two channels
  • Child: Your Snapchat score has hit 10
  • Gold star: Your Snapchat score has arrived at 100
  • Shines/Three Stars: Your Snapchat score hit 1,000
  • Red firecrackers: Your Snapchat score is somewhere in the range of 50,000 and 100,000
  • Rocket: Your Snapchat score is more than 100,000
  • Snowflake: You’ve sent a Snap with the temperature underneath freezing
  • Sun face: You’ve sent a Snap when the temperature has been above 37C or 100F
  • Video tape: You’ve sent a video Snap
  • Old school camera: You’ve sent 50 video Snaps
  • Camcorder: You’ve sent 500 video Snaps
  • Egg in skillet: You’ve sent a Snap somewhere in the range of 4am and 5am
  • Half moon: You’ve sent 50 snaps in the night mode
  • Panda: You’ve sent 50 high contrast Snaps.
  • Monkey holding ears: You sent a Snap with no stable
  • Fiend: You have sent 1,000 Snaps with a forward looking camera
  • Phantom: Your Snapscore has hit 500,000
  • Candy: Sent a Snap utilizing at least five shading pens
  • Rainbow: You’ve sent 10 Snaps utilizing at least five shading pens
  • Craftsman Palette: You’ve sent 50 Snaps utilizing at least five shading pens
  • ABCD: You’ve sent 100 Snaps with extended content
  • Magnifying instrument: You’ve sent 10 video Snaps that have zoomed in
  • Amplifying glass: You have sent 10 Snaps that are zoomed in as far as possible
  • Light: You’ve sent 10 Snaps with forward looking glimmer
  • Circle one: You’ve sent a forward looking to raise confronting video Snap
  • Circle clockwise: You’ve flipped the camera multiple times in a video Snap
  • Flip/Rotate anticlockwise: You’ve flipped the camera multiple times in a single video Snap
  • Purple demon face grinning: You have screenshotted a Snap once
  • Purple demon face typical: You’ve screenshotted 10 Snaps
  • Red Devil face with mustache: You’ve screenshotted 50 Snaps
  • Phone: You have checked your telephone number in settings
  • Email envelope: You have checked your email address in settings
  • Old school radio: You have submitted to Our Story
  • Fax machine: You’ve checked five Snapcodes
  • Clapper board: You’ve submitted 10 Snaps to your Live Local story
  • Steel: You have connected your Bitmoji account with your Snapchat
  • Floppy circle: You have spared 10 Snaps to your Memories

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