Snapchat logo

The moment I opened the phone this week, the new Snapchat logo or symbol on it hit me in the face. Out of nowhere, Snapchat’s adorable ghost logo has been enclosed by a line that strikes permanently that seems unreasonably thick for maximum comfort, in any case from the start.

Snapchat logo

I wasn’t the only one. Numerous customers are shocked by the change, which emerged not long ago, and have turned to Twitter to communicate their feelings, as is normal when friends make changes to their logos.

There is a common sense explanation behind the change. Snap says that the striking line makes the application logo progressively evident and appealing. Furthermore, it definitely destroyed me: now, every time I open my phone, my eyes are drawn to that thick striking arrangement like flies in the light, to a limited extent since it is not quite the same as the delicate lines that ‘re-acclimated with the current marking.

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Snapchat logo

All in all, some customers are taking steps to delete the application on it, or possibly hide it in an organizer so that they don’t have to look for it. Not surprisingly, a client described how he didn’t “coordinate” the different applications on his phone. To be sure, thinness has become a standard of structure, largely due to Apple and its fixation on perfect and poor moderation. On the web, the lighter line loads have become correlated with technological organizations, just like an impeccable, clear, customer-focused structure: the robust lines seem Comic Sans in contrast with this refined taste. In case you look through your phone and look at the application symbols, you won’t be able to discover numerous applications that grab the kind of thick line that Snap has with its new logo.

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But at the same time this is what helps Snapchat logo – and the couple of different organizations that aim to overcome the moderate logo world view – stand out. The discreet move bodes well for the setting of the organization’s most recent discharge, Spectacles 3, which is not tied to the satisfaction of the majority, but is promoted rather to the imaginative, advanced designers, first users of the world. In the midst of immaculate lines and moderation, Snap is surprising and not reluctant to show it.

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